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Sleep and fatigue solutions for Workplaces and Insurers

Creating better mental health and physical health through the power of sleep

Now a Virgin Pulse      Certified Partner

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At Sleepfit Solutions, we believe that quality sleep is the fundamental pillar of good health and safety. Through innovative, evidence-based digital solutions we help people get the sleep they need to achieve optimal rest and perform at their best. ​

Did you know 40% of us don’t get enough sleep?

Sleep is an essential component to improving your physical, mental and emotional health. When the quantity and quality of sleep are disrupted, downstream impacts occur.  Poor sleep in the short term can lead to fatigue, accidents, and injuries and in the longer term can lead to serious health issues such as heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Sleepfit is an evidence-based digital sleep solution that uses science & the knowledge of sleep experts to educate and mitigate sleep risks. It’s been designed to help boost performance, safety, wellbeing, mental health and productivity through sleep awareness, screening for sleep disorders and kick-starting healthy sleep habits. We work with some of the most innovative employers, insurance companies and health and wellbeing providers to provide scalable, affordable, and measurable health improvement programs.

Our digital programs lower health care costs, improve productivity and deliver meaningful outcomes to improve lives.

If you’re an insurer or employer, let us show you how Sleepfit can help.

Why do you sleep?

No one needs to suffer from poor sleep, sleep issues are almost always treatable.

Why do you sleep?

No one needs to suffer from poor sleep, sleep issues are almost always treatable.

Why choose sleep as your next health or wellbeing program?

In every 1000 people...


are affected by inadequate sleep and or a sleep disorder


will make errors due to sleepiness each month


have insomnia and are 4x higher risk of depression


will miss work each month due to sleepiness


have sleep apnoea and double their risk of having a stroke

Top 5 reasons your people need good sleep

Improved focus and memory

When you have had a good night’s sleep, it’s easier to keep your attention on something long enough to learn it and remember it.

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Improved mood

When you’re sleep-deprived your emotions are harder to control, you feel more stressed, and you find it tougher to cope with upsetting things. The more sleep that you get, the less cranky you’re going to feel.


Improved productivity

At work, you’ll notice that you get through tasks faster and make fewer mistakes.

Improved weight management

Sleeping helps regulate two important hormones: ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry, and leptin, which makes you feel full. If you don’t get enough sleep, those hormones don’t work correctly, and you feel hungrier.


Improved immunity

Your immune system needs sleep to stay strong and fight off colds and other infections. And in the long-term, getting plenty of sleep helps reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other serious diseases.

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"SleepFit has been one of our most successful Wellbeing programs at Optus. We have had more than 800 of our people participate and the feedback has been fantastic.

I believe the success has been down to the ease of access to the program, the standard and presentation of information, and professional support from the SleepFit team."

Megan Kingham, Manager,

If you’re an insurer or employer, let us show you how Sleepfit can help.

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