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Sleepfit Services

Evidence-based assessment

using the latest sleep science, Sleepfit’s in-depth questionnaire will identify your sleep challenges, including treatable sleep disorders.

Detailed sleep report

developed by PhD sleep specialists and leading health and wellbeing experts, your Sleepfit report highlights good & bad sleep habits as well as sleep risks including sleep disorders.

Detailed Report000.png
Tailored Programs000.png
Tailored Programs

based on your sleep report, Sleepfit will suggest the sleep solutions that you need.

Treatment Pathways

where high risk of a sleep disorder is identified Sleepfit provides individual pathways to fast-track treatment.

Treatment Pathways000.png
Expert Content000.png
Expert Content

access a rich library of evidence-based tools, in-depth articles & videos on sleep.

Measurable Goals & Progress

have fun setting sleep goals and tracking your progress.

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Daily Activities000.png
Daily Activities

Sleepfit provide you with Daily Activities to kick-start new sleep habits.

Mental Health Check-Ins

to make sure you’re on track and offer additional support if things aren’t going so well. 

Mental Health Checkin000.png
Meditations & Soothing Sounds

to support your healthy sleep habits and build mindfulness.

If you’re an insurer or employer, let us show you how Sleepfit can help.

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